what we do

we stimulate demand¹ and create value² for your products, services and stakeholders.

  1. stimulate demand: the process of translating consumer needs, motives and behavior into measurable initiatives that achieve your brand and business goals.
  2. create value: combining data-driven insight, industry expertise and analytical firepower to sell today and increase brand value over time.

we know what your customers are saying, doing and thinking about your products and services.

We analyze and apply the data that best connects your goals and value proposition to the unique needs, motives and behaviors specific to your target’s stage of the search and decision continuum. Connections lead to conversions.

we understand how to best communicate with your target to drive measurable results.

DCC applies the PESO-R media model to help identify and measure the meaningful KPIs

An essential component of the PESO-R media model is paid media. It is primarily used to drive awareness to a targeted audience in order to generate revenue growth. Programs consist of PPC model, branded content and display advertising.
Media you receive from exposure is what makes up your earned media. It is a result of your advertising efforts, word-of-mouth campaigns and company news. Exposure includes press releases or contributing content by other people and sites.
Your message content that is shared or commented on by your audiences via your own community social platforms is social media. Your audience amplifies anything and everything that is published and shared for free.
Editorial content and messaging that you write or someone writes on your behalf and is published through your owned channels is owned media. Examples of owned media include blog content, whitepapers, webinars, podcasts, employee stories and customer reviews.
The in-store and e-commerce experience you generate makes up the retail media. The messaging is communicated through promotional merchandising, packaging, incentives, point-of-sale signage and flyers.